About Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare is a leading provider of private healthcare, with 37 private hospitals throughout the UK. The company is built on a proud heritage of over 25 years experience of running successful private hospitals.

The company employs over 7,600 people nationwide and treats over one million patients per year. We work with over 3,000 of the country’s most experienced consultant surgeons and other specialists to deliver tailored, personalised care to our patients, whether funded through medical insurance or paying for their own treatment. We also offer a small proportion of our capacity to treat NHS patients under the government’s Patient Choice scheme.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Spire Healthcare hospitals invest heavily in systems and processes for infection prevention and control, resulting in exceptionally low rates of MRSA bacteraemia and C. difficile infection. Our rates are negligible compared with rates seen across the NHS as a whole, even out-performing the private sector average.

Sustained clinical performance improvements and standards led Spire to win the Best Healthcare Outcomes award at the Independent Healthcare Awards in 2008. In 2009 Spire Healthcare won the Nursing Practice award at the Independent Healthcare Awards for developing and introducing a programme to enable hospitals to achieve hygiene excellence, as well as introducing surveillance following hip and knee replacement surgery.

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